Servicios de Internet

* Tarifas aproximadas en colones según el Tipo de Cambio del BCCR.

Tuyo Móvil ofrece el servicio de Internet móvil con una velocidad de hasta 2.0 Mbps para descarga y hasta 512Kbps para carga. Nuestra tarifa se estableció basada en el régimen tarifario establecido por la Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL) (1363-SUTEL-DGC-2011).

Pasos a seguir para obtener servicio Internet

¡Es fácil! Con solo dos pasos, se comienza a disfrutar del servicio tuyo Internet:

  1. Marque sin costo alguno al 1700 y escoja la opción 5.
  2. Escoja el paquete que mejor se ajusta a su necesidad.

El Sistema deducirá automáticamente el costo del paquete seleccionado del saldo disponible. Al

finalizar el Sistema le confirmará la contratación del paquete.

También podés enviar un mensaje de texto al 7702 con una de las palabras: hora, día para activar tu paquete de internet.


  • El costo del paquete se pagará en colones y se calculará con base en el tipo de cambio de venta

vigente del Banco Central de Costa Rica.

  • Todas las tarifas incluyen el 13% de impuesto de ventas.
  • Tuyo móvil no es responsable sobre la disponibilidad de los sitios, portales, contenidos y

aplicaciones que el usuario accese.

  • No aplican devoluciones.
  • El precio del paquete por servicio Internet que se adquiera con tuyo móvil será cobrado en su

totalidad y según la tarifa establecida en el momento en que el cliente haga la selección del

paquete. No aplican reembolsos ni ajustes por días no utilizados.

  • Tuyo móvil le ayudará a configurar los celulares para el uso de Internet, siempre y cuando el

celular cuente con las siguientes características: estar homologado por la SUTEL, utilizar 3G y

contar con la tecnología para navegar en Internet.

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Now to the NFL. The Womens Dan Orlovsky jersey league’s off the field problems overshadowing Sunday’s games. Ray rice expected to appeal his suspension this morning. And Adrian Peterson is now under fire. Elite Mens C.J.Mosley jersey Benched Sunday after being book on a child abuse charge. Ryan smith with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Breaking overnight, according to our sister network, ESPN, ray rice plans to appeal his indefinite suspension handed down by the NFL after the brutal video of the football star attacking his now wife sent shock waves around the country. Another big star with issues. Kaepernick throws for a touchdown. Reporter: NFL commissioner roger Goodell visibly absent during game day on Sunday. The calls for him to Authenitc Womens George Johnson jersey step down loud and clear. A national women’s rights group flying this baern over Sunday’s game. Goodell must go. Doctored ads like Authenitc Kids Barry Sanders jersey this one going viral this morning. An NFL cover girl model with a photo shopped black eye. And Womens Deandre Levy jersey the same message, want Goodell out. The calls Authenitc Kids George Johnson jersey for action coming on the heels of the brutal ray rice video and now a new scandal. Adrian Peterson. The former NFL mvp and one of the NFL’s biggest stars surrendering to police Saturday charged with one count of injury to a child, after police say he repeatedly spanked his 4 year old son with a branch. We take Authenitc Mens Dan Orlovsky jersey all Authenitc Deandre Levy jersey Elite Youth C.J.Mosley jersey allegations of abuse against children very seriously. Reporter: In a statement, Peterson’s attorney said his client was disciplining his child. Saying, Adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury. The vikings deactivating Peterson for Sunday’s gape. ESPN reports the team could make an announcement about his future as early as today. But figures from across the sports landscape want Goodell to act, too. Take them off the dag gone Elite Blue C.J.Mosley jersey field. As a man, that’s the only thing we really respect. We don’t represent no women! We don’t respect no kids! The only thing roger and them do, take them off the field. Thauz they respect that! This has been a terrible week for the NFL. The ball is in roger Goodell’s court. He needs to lead. Reporter: Peterson has not yet entered a plea or commented. He did tweet biblical references to judgment Sunday. And another scandal looming. Greg Authenitc Haloti Mens Dan Orlovsky jersey Ngata jersey hardy deactivated by the Carolina panthers following his July conviction for domestic violence. Adrian Peterson’s next hearing is in the coming weeks with a trial expected to take place next year. If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison. Elite Kids Barry Sanders jersey Robin? Thank you. And Dan Abrams joins us. As we’re talking about the possibility of this going to trial with Peterson, could take months, maybe a year. It could boil Womens George Johnson jersey down to the personal experiences of those on the jury? It’s a fuzzy legal standard as to what crosses the line between acceptable corporal punishment. It’s not just allowed in Texas. They have pretty permissive laws about it there. When does it cross the line into being criminal negligence? The standard is blurry or fuzzy. Should there Elite Dan Orlovsky jersey have been an expectation that something would happen? Et cetera. Who is on the jury becomes crucial. You have a Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey very different case in a place like Youth Deandre Levy jersey Texas rather than Massachusetts. In Texas they’re a little more lenient when it comes to corporal Kids Haloti Ngata jersey punishment. Yes, both in the law and practically in terms of people on the jury. It will not only depend on what state it’s in but exactly who you’re getting on the jury, where they’re coming from. If the case goes to trial, there will be a lot of little battles when it comes to jury selection. The NFL doesn’t have to wait until the trial? Absolutely not. Some people saying let’s let this play out. Let’s let the criminal justice system do its job. The NFL doesn’t have to wait. They can look at the evidence that they see now, they can take whatever action they want to now. And by just deactivating him, they’re saying, we haven’t made a decision yet on what’s going to happen. You alluded to ray Elite Mens George Johnson jersey rice, the possibility of him appealing. It looks like he’s going to indeed do that. Normally, the commissioner hears the appeal. Part Authenitc Kids Dan Orlovsky jersey of his appeal is with regard to what roger Goodell was told. Was did he know? And so, to say roger Goodell is now going to decide the appeal I think you’ll see Goodell and the NFL have someone else come in. There will be changes in the system. All right, thank you so much, Dan. Now to the war against Isis.

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